Director Joe Johnston had his work cut out for him as remaking a classic film is always a though job especially when the classic you’re remaking a film in a genre that has such a rabid fan base, pun intended(sorry I had to get at least one of those in). With Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt and Sir Anthony Hopkins this movie had my hopes pretty high. Yet despite it’s A-List Oscar winning cast The Wolfman fails to be anything more then a B-Level  gorefest but as B-Level gorefest go it’s pretty fun. Continue Reading »


Ever since the success of the Harry Potter series studios have been trying to recreate that magic by optioning every moderately successful children’s book series they can get their hands on. But so far none of those books have translated into anything as remotely successful as the Potter series. The Golden Compass, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events have all only met with moderate success. So the good people at Fox thought if they were going to turn the Percy Jackson & the Olympians book series into a successful movie series they need somebody who’s done it before. In steps Chris Columbus the man behind the first two Harry Potter films but even with an experienced and accomplished director running things Percy Jackson & the Olympians falls short of the high bar set by Potter. Continue Reading »

A Serious Man

You have to go into A Serious Man with the mindset that you can not and will not understand everything that happens in the first viewing but as character Larry Gopnik is told a few times during the film you must “embrace the mystery” in order to enjoy this movie to it’s fullest extent. Continue Reading »

A string of bad movies ranging from slightly below averaged to terrible….Oh, I’m sorry, I thought I heard someone ask what John Travolta has done since the movie world dubbed him the comeback kid after his Oscar nominated performance in Pulp Fiction almost 16 years ago. Yes, we did have our hopes up for Travolta but in between now and then his biggest claims to fame have been the “so bad it’s good” Face/Off and what is widely regarded as one of the worst movies ever made Battlefield Earth. Because of that poor track record it shouldn’t surprise you when I say From Paris with Love is not a good movie but what might surprise you is this one is not Travolta’s fault, in fact his performance might be the best thing in this debacle. Continue Reading »

I don’t get these young kids today. When I was growing up all you needed was a big dude in a mask impaling recently deflowered teenagers to terrify me but in 2010 I guess you need things to be a bit more believable. Writer/director Adam Green uses the elements as the basis to tourcher the college kids in his movie Frozen. Unfortunately, his clever concept is held back by terrible dialog and woefully lacking performances from his cast. Continue Reading »


Question: At this point what could yet another zombie movie bring to a genre that is already bloated beyond belief with video games, comic books and a shit ton of movies? The answer is nothing, Zombieland is a great movie for what it removes from the genre and what it removes is all seriousness. Continue Reading »

When will the bad guys learn to stop fucking with Mel Gibson? In 1979 that biker gang killed his family, in 1987 a different set of bad dudes killed his wife, in the 1996 those awful men kidnapped his son and then in 1999 those mobsters stole his 140,000 …70,000 dollars. In every instance Gibson got his revenge by unleashing unmeasured amounts of pain on the wrong doers. Yet despite Gibson’s track record the bad guys still haven’t learned their lesson and this time they’ve gone and killed his daughter. The result is a movie that covers very familiar territory but who says that has to be a bad thing.

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