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I’ll be honest folks the very fact that this blog exist proves that I’m board and lonely so in order to better cope with those issues I’m adding a yet another new feature on to this blog, I’ll give you a moment to calm yourselves……you ready, okay. Because we live in the future we’re lucking enough to have the things we were always promised when we were children flying cars, food rehydraters, holograms and of course Netflix Watch Instantly are all in abundance and even a terrible movie review site like this should be taking advantage of that. So each week I will look deep into my ridiculously long Nexflix Watch Instantly que, past all the Cuba Gooding Jr and Val Kilmer straight to DVD films, and pull out something worth watching. How will I be choosing what films I pick? I’m glad you asked, I’m gonna try and pick movie that ether relate to a film currently in theaters or movies that I think are classic or overlooked. And because Netflix Watch Instantly is such a wasteland of straight to DVD dreck every once and a while I’ll pick a film that I feel is so bad it needs to have a spotlight put on it. (more…)


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